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Half-year planner 2024 with sticky dots | 50x69 cm

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Finally, keep an eye on all your appointments: Our planner with colorful sticky dots will help you to create clarity in your head, to be more organized and to have all your appointments clearly in front of you. 

dot on half consists of two sheets of six months each. They can be hung on the wall one behind the other, one below the other or next to each other. dot on can be used on both sides: the front is white with a black calendar, the back is black with a white calendar. Simply select a page, assign points, label and stick.

Red for birthdays, yellow for holidays and orange for important dates: this multi-planner makes gray days brighter!


· Six-monthly planner in 50x69 cm format
· 2 sheets with 6 months each at a glance
· Printed on both sides
· with over 700 adhesive dots in 12 colors
· Languages: German, English, French
· Material: high-quality recycled paper
· matt lacquered surface
· Black design packaging


Note: Decorative items are not included.

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