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My Pixelart | Craft set with stickers | Custom printed poster or plate


Your favorite photo as a pixelart artwork! 

We dots you your pixelart set from your own photo: printed especially for you individually with the appropriate color codes. Here, depending on the background color of the poster, the black or white adhesive dots are not glued, but the background remains. This gives an extra cool look!

🟢 Photo as a modern pixel art piece
🔴 Relaxing & easy as pie to stick on
🔵 Individually produced
🟠 The perfect gift idea
🟡 Beautiful, individual decoration
🟣 To choose from: sturdy plate or high-quality poster

The set includes your individually printed pixelart motif (on poster or plate) and the matching adhesive dots in sufficient quantity. This makes it very easy to glue original DIY pictures! To do this, simply select the adhesive dots according to the color codes using the glue-by-numbers principle and stick them on!  


- To choose from: Sturdy paper honeycomb board or poster 180g offset paper.
- Poster in 2 formats: 50x70 cm or 70x100 cm 
- Plate in Din A1 format (59,4x84 cm) with white frame
- each in a set with the matching adhesive dots for your motif
- environmentally friendly and recyclable 

Note: Our team checks and optimizes every photo before it is printed. We email a proposal for approval before printing. 

Delivery time after print approval 5-15 working days

Also available for family celebrations as a variant with individual text imprint: 
Pixelart Gift Set

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