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My Pixel Art Gift Set | for Weddings & Events | 59.4x84cm


Perfect for weddings, milestone birthdays and other special celebrations: a favorite photo as a pixel art work of art! 

The set includes a sturdy, individually printed paper plate with the color codes for your desired motif and sufficient quantities of the appropriate sticky dots.

This is how easy it is to stick original DIY pictures together during, before or after the celebrations! Simply choose the glue dots according to the color code according to the glue-by-numbers principle and then stick!  

With a surprise effect: you can only see what image is created when you stick it on!


· 1 Sturdy paper board with dotty dot grid and color codes
· Eco-friendly and recyclable 
· Format: Din A1 59,4x84 cm
· Adhesive dots in the right colors for your motif + enough replacements
· Perfect for collaborative creative bonding!

Delivery time 3 weeks

Note: After your order, please send us your favorite photo that you want dotsen by email! Also 1-2 to choose from. We will then dot you a proposal for approval. 

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