Sticking is nice!

We're the ones with the sticky dots. Here in our shop you will find cleverly thought-out beautiful things with endless possibilities and even more colorful dots. We rely on high-quality materials, reliable, regional partners and can therefore rightly write "Made in Germany" on our adhesive qualities.
On the sub-pages here, we tell you why everything for us revolves around gluing and how it works.

A few sticking tips:

dots for planning

Plan flexibly and clearly: super easy with points.

dots for kids

Why sticking is not only beautiful, but also useful ...

give away dots

Why sticky dots stick positively everywhere...

dots & relax

Sticking is THE new do-it-yourself trend for craft fans!

dots together

Sticking as a creative happening for events and celebrations...

dots yourself

Your picture made of adhesive dots: for yourself or your loved ones...