You can be very creative with our glue dots! They're a great tool for organizing and imaginatively creating cool pixel art. For yourself or as a special gift idea for your favorite people!

Tanja & Julia

We dotties

That's us two: the heads behind the dots of glue. We work with a lot of diligence and a lot of passion on our products. Our goal: We want to make the world a little more sticky!

starting point

Our first planner

We started in 2010 as a hobby with our dot on wall planner. We designed this calendar based on its function: we wanted to create a planner where you can see what's coming up at a glance. One that can respond flexibly to all needs - and also looks beautiful. That's how we came up with the idea of the colorful glue dots...


DIY with stickers

In 2016 we wanted to use our idea of the glue dots even more creatively: as DIY works of art. Because stickers are really a lot of fun and also look really good. At the same time, we developed our online tool, the dotsmaker, with our dotsmakermaker Didi. This allows you to have your own images dotted with dots.

dotty im TV

In the "den of the lions"

We did it! We ventured into the start-up show and presented our adhesive dot idea there. There we could see Dr. Georg Kofler score! That was the starting signal to turn our hobby into a profession and a big step closer to the goal of making the world more sticky.

dotty Headquarter

We've moved!

Sometimes things don't turn out the way you think... Then you have to rearrange and plan again. For us it was the change in strategy to downsize again. to do more yourself. So we closed our external warehouse and brought everything to ourselves: in order to be able to act faster and more flexibly and to get a better feeling for what works - and what doesn't! Since then we have been packing our parcels ourselves. Every dot that you hold in your hands was actually made by us.


We are award winners!

IDEENSTARK is an award from MFG Baden-Württemberg and is supported by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Art and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing. In 2019 we were one of the ten winning teams and were accompanied and coached for a year. It was great!


Our book planner

Dreams come true! Unusual times require unusual campaigns and even more unusual products: We finally wanted to plan something beautiful again - with cheerful colors and cheerfully colored stickers! That's why we ran our very first crowdfunding campaign to make our first pocket planner, well thought out and of course absolutely worth sticking, a reality. A perfect mix of calendar, notebook and bullet journal. With sticky dots, of course.


And another prize!

A breath of fresh air for the book and media industry: This is where the idea tank comes in. With the initiative, the MFG Baden-Württemberg wants to create an exchange between the book world and creative people from other industries in order to walk the path to the future together. Unfortunately, due to the corona virus, the book fair could only take place digitally. But we are still happy about the great support, mega coaching and such a beautiful film!


Sticky advertising material

We won a super cool prize for special advertising ideas: with our individual DIY motifs. The Promotional Gift Award is an international prize for haptic advertising and has been awarded by the Cologne publishing house WA Media since 2003.

BW Goes Mobile

dotty goes digital

Our latest idea is excellent! We are BW Goes Mobile award winners! bounce friend With our latest project, we want to support children in learning holistically, stress-free, with all their senses and innovatively, and to encourage them to do things themselves, be creative and learn about art. Stay tuned!

sticker for events

dotty big pixel

Sticky dots offer a universe of possibilities to express yourself and create. And this is now also available in the XXL version as event stickers: be creative together and sticker cool pixel art.

dotty awards

Sticky items are in the

dotty Blog

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dotty & arthelps

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Bigger Pixel

Bigger Pixel

Unsere Klebepunkte sind ein ganz besonderes Tool, das jeden zum Künstler macht! Und seit Januar 2023 haben wir unsere dots noch größer und besonder...

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