Input for stickng

Here you will find various downloads for filling your print dots, but also other ideas for the DIY sets and for sticking leftovers ... 

Print template

Our print sheet can be filled with your own photos, illustrations and more. Simply download the template and then edit it in Word or InDesign. In the template itself you will find a detailed description of which settings, image sizes and how you have to choose the bleed. Download, fill up and be happy. Content: Templates in Microsoft Word and InDesign

Gutschein als PDF

Einfach hier das PDF herunterladen und dann die gewünschte Lieblingsseite ausdrucken. Geschenkcode eintragen und jemand Liebem eine schöne Klebenswürdigkeit schenken. Voila!


Our DIY set for children already contains some templates for motifs that you can stick with the colors and posters. Here we have even more ideas for children's pictures that are worth sticking on. Simply download the template, print it out, select a template and then stick on! If you run out of posters or adhesive dots, you can also reorder them individually ... Download, print and stick. Content: template as PDF


Große Punkte sammeln: Unsere Belohnungskarten zum Ausdrucken steigern die Motivation, die Lernbereitschaft und das Selbstwertgefühl. Und das ist so wichtig für Kinder! Wertschätzung bewirkt wahre Wunder: Also, Ziele vereinbaren, Aufgaben festlegen und dann geht's ans Punktesammeln! Zum Bekleben eignen sich alle unsere Planerpunkte! Inhalt: Template als PDF


With every motif and every DIY set there are always points left over. We have come up with a nice way of recycling glue dots: Simply print out the PDF on beautiful paper and stick your remaining dots on it. And if you need any specific colors, you can also reorder them individually ... Download, print out and stick them on. Content: template as PDF