Are you looking for a very personal gift for your favorite people? Or would you like to make a special moment unforgettable? Then we have the perfect photo gift for you here: your own favorite motif as a personalized pixel art work of art on a high-quality poster or sturdy cardboard plate that you can stick yourself using the stick-by-number principle.

We will dot your photo into individual pixel art with a cool look. From pet snapshots to holiday photos to wedding photos - from 89 euros, delivery time after print approval 5 - 14 working days.

Was darf's sein?

Variant craft set (poster or board)

You can choose: Do you want a poster or a record? We print your desired material and format individually with your color codes. We dot with new technology and do a little more magic: the background becomes part of the image and remains undoted and unpasted.

Event Variant (Board)

Or would you like to use your pixel art for a wedding or other celebration? With this version you get a sturdy plate in A1 format. It has an unprinted edge around the motif that is not glued on. A kind of passe-partout, so to speak. You will receive additional dots and can have a name or date printed on the plate.

This is how it works


With just a few clicks, select the material and size and upload your photo. We will dot your image and send you a suggestion with the best solution for your selected photo in advance for your approval. You are welcome to express any correction requests!



After your approval, we will have your individual pixel art image printed on high-quality paper or sturdy honeycomb cardboard, add the appropriate adhesive dots and send you your personalized pixel art after a few days.



Then it's time to stick: Using the sticking-by-numbers principle, the glue dots are embroidered directly onto the poster or plate according to the color codes. The individual color pixels become a self-made work of art on your wall!



Choose a photo that contains few details and has clear contrasts. In addition, it is best to only show 1-2 people. Many people, strong shadows or a background that is too busy are not suitable for dotting!