The right words.

Who says sticky dots always have to be colorful? Creative happenings can also be staged with letter stickers. Simply stick words together, underneath and on top of each other - just like in Scrabble. From bottom to top. From left to right. Perfect for customers, visitors or your own team, who can stick their favorite words on a specific topic in a pleasant atmosphere and engage in a constructive exchange.

Just a word!

Learn more about the dotty meaning: 26 letters in a constantly changing order and a little inspiration in the form of a question, a short sentence or similar and then you can start gluing. Logo imprint and other individualization also possible!

All about the alphabet...

The benefits of a poetry sticker campaign: - Philosophizing and word gluing together - invites you to stick and read - lots of interaction and inspiration - also perfect as a multimedia campaign with social media links - finished wall as an unusual guest book for your event