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dotty treasure hunt | The little miracle dot | analog & digital in cooperation with Heimsafari

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Now we're puzzling and sticking in rainbow colors: as an analogue-digital scavenger hunt with lots of puzzle fun in cooperation with the Heimsafari app

You can now experience a very special adventure for children aged 6-10. Simply order the wonderful dotty box for the number of children who want to take part in the treasure hunt. Then the World Tour App Install on a smartphone or tablet. To do this, scan the QR code in your Wunderdotbox or search for Home Safari in the App Store. 

In the instructions you will find out how to prepare the treasure hunt and the individual puzzle stations - then you can get started! Promotes dThrough the interaction of digital and analog game elements, media education, joint problem solving and creative thinking. 

Tip: Also wonderfully suitable as a creative activity for cloudy, wet days and rainbow-colored children's birthday parties for up to 10 children! The box is also suitable as a treasure chest and can be filled with sweets and other rainbow-colored treasures. 

Playing time: 30-60 minutes 


· Box with sticky puzzles and craft fun for 6 treasure hunting stations with Sudoku, puzzle fun and other puzzles
· Standard for 2 children - additional children can be booked in the variants


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