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dottygram with stickers | Puzzle set for clever sticker fans | 21x30 cm


The perfect combination of tricky thinking and the new creative technique of gluing: dottygrams are a bit like Sudoko with glue dots. By you know how many colored dots always appear in a row or column. Puzzle your way through the picture and find out which motif is created! 

The set includes three posters and the matching adhesive dots for gluing puzzles. The numbers and colors of the colored dots define the blocks to be glued in front of the rows and above the columns: Each numerical value corresponds exactly to the length of a colored dot block in the correct order. 


· 3 puzzle posters in A4 format
Format: 21x30 cm
· 7 sheets of adhesive dots 9 mm small in the matching colors
· Perfect for keeping children busy
· Increases the ability to concentrate and problem-solving skills

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Note: Decorative items are not included in the scope of delivery.

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