dots times

New dots for your calendar!

Is it time you changed something in your (K) life? Life is not always colorful. Sometimes it's petty and doodle-dotted. Sometimes gently pastel and then loudly bubbly again. Just glue your world the way you like it! We have tons of extra dots that are perfect for this:

blawhi - with beautiful black and white patterns
comic - with speech bubbles, sayings and more
pastel - for the delicate and fine highlights of the new year
tender - for more bubble colors in your life
doodle - because a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words
bubble - the thick ones under the letters - in black and white
holiday - with weekdays and public holidays
girly - in beautiful girl colors
bloomy - with delicate, friendly spring-colored nuances
nordic - with trendy colors in scandy style
Mia & Me - fairy-like and unicorn-strong dots
Bee Maja - for hard-working glue


So go for it! You can find the decorative Beidots in the shop under "Plan".