dotty interview - Create your own DIY adhesive poster

The interview with Tanja Haller from the shop


Please introduce us shortly before. How long has your online shop existed and which products do you specialize in?

We're the ones with the glue dots. We offer design products with endless possibilities and even more colorful dots. We started in 2010 with an easily customizable wall planner. We have continuously developed this calendar for ourselves and our customers: It is now available in various formats and as a birthday and weekly planner. In 2016, we came up with the idea of using the adhesive dots even more creatively: as DIY works of art. With our online tool, the dotsmaker, you can even have your own pictures - from the wedding photo to the favorite artist to the fur nose - dots. Our goal: We want to make the world a little more sticky!


What is the fascination of the dots for you?

Back then we wanted to develop a calendar with which one can plan flexibly, clearly and in a very original way. So we came up with the idea of the colorful adhesive dots. Because the look is always very individual and special, we have adapted the glue dot theme to the DIY sector and would like to establish it as a new creative technique. Because adhesive dots are a great material that can be used in a wide variety of ways.


How does the dotsmaker work?

The dotsmaker was developed by our programmer Didi and us together: It converts photos into our glue dot colors and creates an individual, clear template, which you can then use to glue your own picture. In dotsmaker you can choose the poster color and size, select or deselect adhesive dot colors and color the dots individually yourself. Our favorite function, however, is "surprise": You can also have the template output with just the color codes. Then you can only see which image is created when you glue it.

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