1a sticker fun

With dot on, first-time students get the full number of points.

Arithmetic, writing, reading. After the summer vacation, many children are back to school again! So that the start of school remains a particularly pleasant memory, we have great things to do and practical tips for school beginners and advanced students. For everyday school life, besides pencil cases and satchels, there are many other things that children can easily organize and have fun with.

TIP: Many of these products are also ideal as a great surprise for the school cone!

Just in time for class.

Creative, customizable timetable with limitless possibilities: dot on week.

Kindergarten is over. Now the start of school brings a tighter schedule, more order and, above all, a lot of appointments into family life. The timetable in particular is eagerly awaited. For those who don't feel like boring weekly planners, the dot on week is a special alternative that can also be customized with printable adhesive dots. In this way, several children can organize their everyday school life in a structured manner. And best of all: the points can easily be exchanged when the timetable changes.

TIP: According to the booklet colors, the individual school subjects can also be glued into the planner.

Lots of highlights.
Colorful calendar for flexible planning and plenty of space for the holidays: dot on maxi.

When are the holidays finally again? This annual planner shows at a glance what to look forward to: school vacations, public holidays, school trips, birthdays of classmates, but also class work, appointments and much more can be glued to the family calendar with colorful adhesive dots. Over 700 adhesive dots in 12 different colors offer numerous planning options and plenty of space for individual things!

For little free spirits:

  • Assign trips, birthdays, school subjects (e.g. according to the color of the booklet), etc. to their own color

  • The points can be labeled and painted with any pen

  • Gluing promotes creativity and helps to easily get an overview of your own appointments

  • The dots can be scribbled, painted or glued on with any pen, but also simply peeled off again if something shifts or changes

TIP: There are also printable print dots in the shop that can be individually designed with superheroes, funny faces and more.

Adhesive DIY pictures. 

The creative handicraft fun with guaranteed success: dot on art, the works of art to glue yourself.

Attention craft fans: With colorful adhesive dots you can create great pictures from unicorns to astronauts. Simply stick the round stickers on the poster according to the enclosed template.

More than handicrafts:

  • Gluing also promotes concentration, coordination and fine motor skills

  • It's a lot of fun and really easy to use
  • Large selection of motifs for boys and girls from 6 years

TIP: If you prefer to stick motifs freely and creatively, you can dare to try the DIY set: Here you can stick four different pictures. Also perfect for children's birthdays!