dotty & arthelps

You already know arthelps

This is a really great organization from Stuttgart that wants to change the world together with creativity. Because art is a language. One that everyone understands, that connects and needs neither rules nor boundaries. She doesn't even need words and yet she can be loud.

They help in many places near and far with wonderful art projects. Because Art means freedom. The freedom to leave everyday life for a moment, discover and immerse yourself in other worlds. The freedom, far away from violence, fear and hopelessness, to simply be a child and dream. arthelps creates a space in which these freedoms can be lived out.

We think this is a great cause and are therefore supporting arthelps with a limited edition: together we have created two pixel art motifs and a set of postcards. All profits from sales go to arthelps. 

So now you can shop for beautiful stickers and do something good at the same time! 

Look here!!! 

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