Bigger Pixel

Our glue dots are a very special tool that turns everyone into an artist! And since January 2023 we have made our dots even bigger and more special and added another adhesive feature: sticking on entire walls! We would like to make campaigns at events and company celebrations more sustainable by having our dots made from recycled paper and designing the large walls from sustainable cardboard walls. And then you can easily create imaginative things together: design imaginatively, stick out fantastically, stick on fabulously and stick around with confetti fun.

You can do anything from creative, completely free gluing to individual pixel art motifs Implement everything possible using the paint-by-numbers principle! Even feedback walls are possible. And it has other great advantages:

  • Anyone, young and old, can take part without any problem
  • Thanks to the round pixel look, the whole thing always looks beautiful. Even if someone didn't glue it 100% accurately. This is more forgiving than angular shapes
  • Our campaign is completely plastic-free
  • Clothes, floors, etc. are guaranteed not to get any color
  • Our campaign is very sustainable: We stick recycled paper stickers onto honeycomb cardboard elements, which can be easily transported after the gluing campaign and (that's actually the idea) still be displayed
  • In principle, any size and pretty much any motif is possible. We have already had campaigns from 5x100 cm to 2.50x15 meters.

If you are interested, please let us know! 

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