sets | Metallic Gel Roller | Writing color: gold, silver and white


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1st, 2nd and 3rd place go to edding! Perfect for the dark dots and special effects in diaries, on calendars and other things worth sticking on: writing with high opacity in elegant colors - for a unique effect. The grip of the pen is rubberized and therefore fits well in the hand - effortless, easy and even writing is possible without any problems. 


· edding 2185 Gelroller 3er Set
Lightfast and smudge-proof water-based gel ink for precise and smooth writing.
· High opacity for great effects, even on dark paper.
· Soft rubber grip zone for fatigue-free writing.
· Clear plastic barrel and clear clip cap.
Line width: 0.7 mm.
· Writing color: gold, silver and white.

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