sets | Fiber pen pastel 1200 | Writing color: 6 pastel tones


Pretty pastel. High-quality fiber-tip pen in magical pastel shades for writing, sketching and decorating on light-colored adhesive dots and other things worth sticking to. The round nib has a line width of 1 mm. The water-based ink will not bleed through paper. The folding box contains the colors apple sorbet, sweet mint, honeydew melon, cherry blossom and berry lavender.


· edding 1200 fiber pens, set of 6
Fiber-tip pens for writing, sketching and layout work on light-colored paper
· Ideal for making drawings and for creative writing
· The water-based ink will not bleed through paper
· Fiber-tip pen with black plastic shaft and round tip
Line width: 1 mm
Writing color: honeydew melon, berry lavender, sweet mint, apple sorbet, cherry blossom, silver gray


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