sets | Metallic fiber pen 1200 | Writing colour: 6 metallic tones


Heavy metal! Super nice fiber-tip pen for writing and decorating: in attractive metallic colors on light and even dark adhesive dots. The round nib has a line width of 1 - 3 mm. The water-based ink in the filter system is extremely lightfast. The packaging contains the colors gold, silver, red metallic, blue metallic, green metallic and violet metallic.


· edding 1200 fiber pens, set of 6
Metallic ink in the filter system
· Write and paint opaque on light and dark paper
· High lightfastness
· Soft gliding fiber tip
· Intense coloring.
Line width: 1 - 3 mm
6 metallic fiber pens: gold and silver, red, blue, green and violet metallic
· In a very pretty metal box

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