Fiber pen 1200 | Writing color: gold or silver


Gold or silver? Perfect for the dark dots and special effects in diaries, on calendars and other things worth sticking to: fiber-tip pens with high coverage in elegant colors - for a unique effect. Pigmented, water-based ink, washable, unchangeable, water-based ink with high lightfastness. Soft gliding fiber tip. Material of the shaft: plastic. Color of the shaft: black. Line width: 1 - 3 mm. Writing color: gold or silver.


    · edding 1200 fiber-tip pens
    Metallic ink in the filter system
    · Write and paint opaque on light and dark paper
    · High lightfastness
    · Soft gliding fiber tip
    · Intense coloring
    Line width: 1-3 mm
    · Writing color: gold or silver.


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