Big pixel action at the IdeenExpo

Under the motto "Just do it", the IdeasExpo, Europe's largest youth event for technology and natural sciences, took place live at the exhibition center in Hanover from July 2nd to 10th, 2022. And as a world first, a huge trade fair wall was covered for the first time: on 15x2 meters, trade fair visitors were allowed to immortalize themselves with our adhesive dots as part of a large art adhesive campaign.

Around 10,000 stickers in 7 colors were glued to the logo walls can be used to design your own artwork. 

Around 25,000 stickers made the exhibition wall a unique work of art that was visible over the entire duration of the fair And we were also on site for a day and glued a few dots. 


If you yourself would find an adhesive campaign exciting for a trade fair, an event or other festivities: just contact us without obligation!