dotty goes digital!

We want to inspire and make people want to do it yourself, creativity and knowledge, which is why we have developed our dots boxes: These are DIY packages for creative design with lots of adhesive dots and other handicraft materials in combination with extraordinary interactive tools, videos, augmented reality and 3D objects in the form of a dotty app.  

We support children to learn holistically, stress-free and innovatively and convey various topics with a lot of fun and particularly eventful. Because it has been proven that addressing all the senses and the learning methodology with a haptic, visual and auditory experience demonstrably achieves higher learning successes! The dots boxes offer a creative way of imparting knowledge full of positive emotions and arouse curiosity about the topic. A quick sense of achievement also motivates.

We supplement this with haptic tasks, which not only encourage the children mentally, but also physically! Because gluing also has positive effects on the ability to concentrate, manual skills and cognitive development and supports learning to count and numbers.

From art knowledge to mathematics to biology - our method can be applied to many different subject areas. It is our aim to inspire children for knowledge and creativity and at the same time to promote child development.

Because as said the brain researcher Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther: "Enthusiasm is fertilizer for the brain."


The idea has already been awarded: We are BW Goes Mobile award winners!