5 questions to the stacking stones

Trade fairs are an important pillar for young founders. We did one of these a few years ago Stephan and Hannah from the stacking stones got to know. The two of them not only developed a really great product, they are also really wonderful people who have often been at our side with advice and action. 

We conducted a short interview with them on the topic of founding a company: 


1.) Who are you? And what are you doing?

We are Hannah and Stephan - the founders of Stapelstein. With our company, we would like to make a sustainable, valuable contribution to promoting physical activity for children and hope that the Stapelstein will bring about a noticeable change in children's living spaces.

Stapelstein offers an active and sustainable alternative that enables a wide range of exercise and creativity in a limited space. Playing with stacking stones means exercising and creativity with the whole body. This allows children to reach their full potential.


2.) You want to promote movement with your stacking stones. When did you know that the idea was so good that you wanted to do it professionally as a company?

Stephan's family environment is shaped by educators. That is why he dealt intensively with educational issues during his design studies and noticed that too little attention is paid to one of children's fundamental needs: the natural urge to move. Since then he has been looking for simple solutions that create movement stimuli within the existing living environment. The Stapelstein was developed together with children from one year old and educated. Developed by skilled workers.


3.) How long was it from the first idea to the first sale?

After a two-year development process, the stacking stone was presented to the public for the first time in 2017 at the Didacta education fair in our hometown of Stuttgart.


4.) Where do you draw your lessons from? What inspires you?

A great inspiration for us are children and their infinite curiosity, the wild urge to discover and the great need for exercise. The stacking stone was created with and for children.

Other founders who believe in their ideas and put them into practice also inspire us every day.


5.) Your best SOS tips for founders?

Exchange ideas with other founders!


If you want to find out more about the great stacking stones: Click here to go directly to Stapelstein website :-) 

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