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Birthday planner bday Nordic Edition | with Nordic dots | 8x70 cm

€14,90 €19,90

The special edition of our popular birthday planner in skandy style

Design planner dot on bday can be used on both sides: the front is white with black, the back is black with a white calendar. The simply beautiful birthday calendar can easily be attached to the wall with a nail or pin. And then it starts: label the dots and stick them in the right place. You can also use a template to print the photos of the birthday children on the white print sheet. Incidentally, the calendar is laminated with a matt film, which means that the dots can also be removed again and stuck on elsewhere. 


· Birthday planner in the 8x70 cm format
· 2 sheets of Nordic and 1 sheet of Nordic Pattern
1 printable sheet of adhesive dots (A4) in white
· 12 sheets of 1 month each, one black and one white side
170 g / sqm art paper laminated with matt foil
· Can be used forever: without days of the week and year!
· Black design packaging 

And here's the Template for printing the dots ... 


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